MultiTec Plasma Energy Converting System  “MPECS”

General Specification:

    • Process Rate :                               1 ton per hour ~ 2 ton per hour
    • Plasmatron power :                           500 KW
    • Waster Consumption:                         10 ton per day
    • Start up Power Consumption:                   700 KWH for one hour
    • Continuous Power Consumption:                 recovery fuel gas
    • Max operating temperature at plasma central zone:    4500C
    • Max operating temperature at melting furnace :      1650 C
    • Max operating temperature
      at Energy Converting Furnace:                  650C
    • Max Oil and Gas treatment rate :                3000CHM
    • Size: 12m x 2.4m x 2.4m


    • Organic waste and non-organic waste can be mixed without separate
    • Combined with plasma technologies and steam pyrolysis technologies
    • Lowest power consumption than any other plasma system by pyrolysis gas support
    • long life-cycle of 500 KW DC Magnetic Plasmatron
    • High process rate from 1 ton per hour to 2 ton per hour depended on the organic content
    • Wide rage application than any other plasma system
    • Fully automatic control
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Low cost