MultiTec Solution for the treatment of Bottom Ash and Fly Ash

Fly ash and Bottom ash are the main pollution by Incinerator. Fly ash contains trace concentrations of heavy mental and other substances that are known to be detrimental to health in sufficient quantities. To treatment fly ash and bottom ash by plasma melting technologies is one of the domain technologies in USA and Europe. Plasma melting furnace is very expensive and high operating cost. To treat one kg fly ash will spend about 0.7KW ~ 1KW. For one tone per hour melting system, the power consumption will be reached 1MWH ~ 1.5MWH. Also the maintenance cost is the second problem of plasma melting system. The following are the reasons why plasma melting system can not be accept by Fly ash and bottom ash treatment market in Asia.

  • High Investment. The 30 tone per day melting system for fly ash cost over US$30million dollars.
  • High operation cost. Per tone treatment cost is over US$500 ~ US$1500.
  • High maintenance cost.

 To reduce the operating cost of plasma melting system, increase the performance of incinerator, and increasing the efficiency of melting process, MultiTec announces the unique solution for Incinerators to slove the problem of fly ash and bottom ash.


MultiTec System

Plasma Melting System

System Cost for 30 tone per day

Under US$15million

Over US$30million

Power Consumption for one tone per hour of bottom ash and fly ash

about 0.5MWH

about 1.5MWH

Operation cost / per tone

under US$150

over US$500

The performance of Incinerator

Increase about 10%


The fuel consumption of Incinerator reducing

Over 500KW per hour


Combustion efficiency of Incinerator



Maintenance cost per tone

Under US$15

Over US$50


Advantage : Incinerator Solution is developed to face Fly Ash and Bottom Ash problems.

  • Low investment than any other plasma melting system for fly ash
  • Lowest energy consumption than any other plasma melting system
  • Lowest operation cost than any other plasma melting system
  • Direct installation and integrated with incinerator.
  • Increase the performance of combustion of incinerator.
  • Reduce the consumption of fuel oil to maintenance the temperature of incinerator.