n ECS is the most advance and unique system in the world to convert organic waste to fuel and the value by-products like activated carbon, fertilizer., producing no air pollution or ash to be land filled. It is designed to answer the global problem of waste management of MSW(Municipal Solid Waste), petrochemical compounds like plastic waste, green waste, coal and tires while providing high recycled-content products and usable forms of power.

n MultiTec-MPECS is the most efficiency of plasma system in the world. It is combined with Plasma Technologies and Steam Pyrolysis Technologies. It is designed to face any kind of solid waste. MPECS can not only cover all of the application of ECS but also provide the lowest power consumption to treat non-organic waste like fly ash, battery, medical waste .. etc.

n Global problems in 21st Century

n The key value of ECS Technologies

n Inventor: RHINE H. JIANG

n Patent number:
Taiwan: 285138
China: (pending) 200610066751.9
USA: (pending) US-2007-0231037-A1

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