Raw material is delivered by clients and store at the storage room. We need at least 5m x 5m x 5m space to hold the waste. The total amount of the waste required is about 700 ton per month. 

  1. The waste will be sent to Special Loading Machine by conveyor. The max capability of loading machine is about 5 ton per hour. Normal operating is about 3 ton per hour. We will start the loading machine from 1.5 ton per hour. At this stage, we need one labor to accept and operate the machine.
  2. The loading machine will transport the waste to ECS2000C system. We need one engineer to operate the control and monitor system on computer. The process rate is about 1.5ton per hour to 2 ton per hour depended on the tire chips size
  3. Waste will be treated by ECS2000C. The remainder is carbon black. It is about 38% to 40% if waste is tire chips. It is about 10% if the waste is waste plastic. The remainder will be sent to magnetic separator by screw conveyor. The special unloading machine will cool down the temperature of carbon black from 500C to 70C by water.
  4. The magnetic separator will select the steel to drop down to the storage tank. The carbon black will sent to the dryer.
  5. ECS will blow the hot gas about 150C to dry the carbon black.
  6. After dryer, the carbon black will be sent to grinder to grind it at 300 meshes. Selectors will purify the carbon black and filter the dust. The purity of carbon black will be 92% ~ 95%. Such kind of Carbon black can be sold at US$1 dollars per kg. We will lose about 20%~30% of carbon black. The lost will be sold as Fuel or Fertilizer.
  7. The oil will direct sell to clients. The oil rate is about 42% ~ 48% if the waste is tire chips. The oil rate is about 50% is the waste is plastic (except P.V.C.).